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1200 Flex Ct Lake Zurich, IL 60047

FF-4 corrugated pipe connector      (250 per carton)

Water-tight connector for 4"-corrugated to 4"-corrugated pipe.

wp & wp-2c - warning placards (500 PER  CARTON)

Cast-in or snap-on (to H1), 6" x 3-1/2" yellow placards.
WP: "Danger" Placard
WP-2C: "2 Compartment Tank"     

GB1 - gas baffle            (250 per carton)


mF-4 pipe connector           (250 per  carton)

To connect 4" corrugated pipe to Bottom Drain, End Drain or AD1.

XTENDO-HUB                            (15 per carton)

Internal male Hub Connector. Extends 4" pipes that are flush with tank wall.            

H1 - Concrete handle         (250 PER  CARTON)

Extremely strong, non-corrosive HDPE ribbed handle for precast concrete septic tank and distribution box lids.