FREE FREIGHT on full cartons (Continental U.S.).
Tuf-Tite offers adapter rings to convert virtually any old system to Tuf-Tite's superior components

and makes a full line of Risers and accessories for Pre-Cast applications.

20-RTT between a plastic tank
and a Tuf-Tite 20" Riser Stack.
RTR Riser-to-Riser adapters. 

Available in 20" (13/27 per carton)   and   24" (13/22 per carton) diameters.

TAR Tank Adapter Ring.  Shown is the 20-TAR. 

Available in 16" (16 per carton), 20” (13/27 per carton) and 24” (16 per carton) diameters. For mounting riser or lid to tank when casting is not an option.

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RTT Riser-to-Tank adapters. 

Available in 20" (16/34 per carton)   and   24" (13/27 per carton) diameters.

24-RTR between 24" Riser Lid 


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and 24" Tuf-Tite Lid. 

and 24" Tuf-Tite Safety Pan 

24-RTT between a tank and a
Tuf-Tite 24" Domed Lid.

24-RTR between 24" Riser 

24-RTR between 24" Riser 

and corrugated pipe. 

24-RTT between a tank and a Tuf-Tite 24" Riser.

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