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4-Hole Distribution Box

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Injection molded HDPE Distribution box accepts Tuf-Tite's Box Fittings and Speed-Levelers™

4HD2 4-Hole Distribution Box. Comes complete with a lid and your choice of 5 fittings.

Lid is 11" x 11";
Box is 15-1/2" tall;
There is a 2" drop between inlet and outlets.

12 per carton, 100 per pallet.

FREE FREIGHT on full cartons.

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S-35 Seal (yellow)
for thin-wall pipe
50 per carton

S-40 Seal (blue)
for Sch. 40 pipe
50 per carton

P-10 Plug (orange)
for unused holes
50 per carton

Speed Leveler. Used to equalize distribution box flow. Optional, additional cost.

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